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1 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F641
2 Either Kirbyton or Paducah, Ky. Family: F585
3 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F606
4 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F1291
5 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F1292
6 Probably Halifax Co., Va. Family: F1233
7 13 generation of Indian Chiefs of Piscataway Indians were all called Utterpoingassinmen Utterpoingassinmen
8 Patrick and Molly were cousins Molly Aitcheson
9 Absalom and Clary are shown in the 1850 Census in their own household with their daughter, Mary still living with them. He and Clary are still shown in the 1860 Census in Long Acre District, Beaufort County, North Carolina. Also, shown in the household of 1860 Census are Linnie, age 30; Roda, age 17; and Jacob, age 8. At this time it is unknown how they are
connected to the family. 
Absalom Alligood
10 Census: 1790, He is listed as son of father in US Census. Absalom Alligood
11 His land which was acquired in early 1800's includes the farm owned by my Grandfather (Benjamin F.)(grandfather of Gil Alligood). His home was located near the southeast corner of land presently owned by B. F. Alligood. The house is long gone, but there were daffodils that would come up and bloom in the spring as recently as the 1950's. The home site has completely grown over and has large trees on it. The trees were clear cut in 1990 and is now showing re growth (1995). The location is to the southeast of Homeplace Rd. standing in my sister's (Argie Asby) front yard facing the road-look to the one o'clock position which is the right of Major Alligood's home (my nephew) about 200-300 yards and near the rear property line of B. F. Alligood's farm. This land is still in the possession of his descendants -of which I am one(Gil Alligood). I own 12+ acres of this land in 1996, so my family can trace direct ownership for almost 200 years. This land was inherited by Absalon II, my Grandfather's grandfather (Benjamin) on his mother's side. And Mary (my great-grandmother) inherited it directly from Absalom II. Absalom Alligood
12 He and Polly owned land near intersection of Lizard Slip and Slatestone Rd., located behind the home of Beverly and Hazel
Alligood (1890). Part or all this land was inherited by Polly from her father. It also appears he purchased an additional parcel of land containing 125 acres from his father in September, 1796, based on deed recorded in the month in Beaufort Co., NC. This parcel may have adjoined the land inherited by his wife, Polly. This same land holds the graveyard of my great Grandfather, grandfather and family on my mother's side of the family. This graveyard holds many of my relatives on my mother's side of the family. (written by Gil Alligood) 
Benjamin Alligood
13 If the notation in his father's will is all that Benjamin received from the estate, he received very little. His inheritance was a small gun. He was not yet 18 years old in October, 1715, as indicated in his father, Richard I, will. Richard's will stated that William and Benjamin were both under eighteen.

Benjamin, being a sort of young "middle" son with no ties or parental responsibility, it is a good chance he took to the sea. Working on ships that hauled freight along the colonial seaboard. Thus he could of become very familiar with the opportunities for land available in the Carolinas. This would have been in his late teens and early twenties. If at the time of his father's will in 1715 he was not yet eighteen. He would have had approximately 14 years to travel, marry, start a family by 1729 when the North Carolina land purchase is recorded. It appears from early land records that Benjamin, his brother Richard, and John Hawkins purchased land along the North side of the Pamlico River in 1729. Thus the Alligoods were in Beaufort Co. in 1729 or earlier.
After signing the partnership agreement with his brother, Richard and John Hawkins in 1729 his name does not appear again in any legal documents. It is unknown if he went back to sea, died, or moved on as no further records are found on him. 
Benjamin Alligood
14 On April 12, 1798, Benjamin and Mary Alligood purchased lots #6 and #12 in the new part of Washington, NC. Later they sold them to Ralph Potts, a merchant. It is believed that this Benjamin and Mary are the same, as the name Polly and Mary were interchangeable in that era. See note under Polly and the 1850 Census. Benjamin Alligood
15 Residence: Bet. 1715 - 1729, He and Brother, Richard moved to Eastern North Carolina from Virgin Benjamin Alligood
16 It is unknown if she married. She made her mark at a family gathering in October 1816 as Delila Alligood. Delila Alligood
17 In December 1809 was given land by his father that would be on the present day Terrapin Rd. This land was near and could of included land now owned by Edgar Woolard decendents. In 1843, 1847, and 1848 he paid taxes on 125 acres. He is found in the US Census for 1810, 1820, 1830, and 1840. Edmond Alligood
18 Beaufort County, NC was formed in 1741, thus he would have been one of the first residents. Elisha Alligood
19 Burial: Beaufort Co., NC
Property: March 1766, gave 100 acres to son, Francis, recorded in Beaufort Co., NC. 
Elisha Alligood
20 Elisha had no will that has yet been found. It is believed that he had five children. There are available deed gifts from Elisha to his two youngest sons, each 100 acres, given on their 21st birthday. He gave Jacob 100 acres on June 1765, witnesses were John and James Alligood. In March 1766, Elisha gave another son, Francis, 100 acres. It is believed all the named parties were members of Elisha's family. Elisha had purchased land from Thomas Bonner in 1759 in the vicinity of the Alligood homestead, not far from Broad Creek. Elisha Alligood
21 Elisha's youngest sons, Jacob and Francis, together over their lives acquired additional acreage totaling between 3,000 and 3,500 acres. This land was located between J&W Pocosin (Dismal) and the Pamlico River. Elisha Alligood
22 His father left no will. Elisha was living on part of the land purchased by Richard, Benjamin, and John Hawkins. John
Hawkins had no sons. Richard's will indicated that William and Hillery were his only sons. The evidences point to Elisha being the son of Benjamin, and possible his only surviving child. His Uncle Richard's will, dated 1751, states "Alytia" was living on his father's portion of the Fleetwood Land Tract. 
Elisha Alligood
23 Francis is shown in the 1790 Census of Beaufort Co., New Bern District. His household is shown to contain 2 males over 16
years old, 4 males under 16 years old and 7 females. 
Francis Alligood
24 He begat a large family. He may have had a second wife as it was not unusual for a wife to die young either in childbirth or of complications of childbirth. He lived a long life for that era, about 71 years. Francis Alligood
25 He signed a will on March 19, 1810, in Beaufort Co., NC, by Betty J. Camin, page 82. Francis Alligood
26 He sold some of his land holdings to his sons over the years and in his will he made bequests to his children of other lands. Joseph, the youngest son, received the 'Homeplace' in the will. Francis Alligood
27 His father gave him 100 acres of land in 1766. This was the start of his land holdings. Over the years of his life he acquired much land. Between him and his brother his land holdings would extend from the Pamlico Rive to the J&W Dismal. As much as 3000 or more acres. Francis Alligood
28 September 1796, sold 125 acres of land to son Benjamin, recorded in Beauford Co., NC Francis Alligood
29 There is a record of a "family get-together" in October, 1816. "It is the day agreed upon between Reg. V. Francis Alligood Estate and the rest of the Francis Alligood's deceased. That is to say, the said Benjamin and Francis Alligood with Moses Congleton, John Alligood and cont... with ....(other remarks)
Signatures: (no marks, they could write)
Benjamin Alligood, Francis (II) Alligood, Moses Congleton
Their marks, these could not write:
Patsy (Alligood) Congleton, John Alligood, Edmund Alligood, Joseph Alligood, Sally Alligood, Mary Alligood, Delila Alligood, Elizabeth Alligood, ??Mary Alligood 
Francis Alligood
30 1820, Shown as family head in US Census with 1 daughter and 3 sons. Francis Isiah, II Alligood
31 He had several tracts of land. One of them located on the Old Bath Hi way at the foot of CBH Lodge Rd. Bruce Alligood's descendants presently own this land. It is the same farm given to his son Oliver (my great great grandfather). And on this farm my Grandfather (Benjamin F.) was born. Francis Isiah, II Alligood
32 Later in his life he moved from this location to a farm on present day Broad Creek Rd. At this location he increased his acreage and along with his sons, owned much of the west side of Broad Creek. After his death, Thomas W. paid taxes on his mother's residence. Last entry for her taxes was 1843. Francis Isiah, II Alligood
33 The 1810 US Census list eleven (11) heads of households in Beaufort Co. under the name of Alligood, of which one is Francis. the others are: John, Sr., John II, Absalom, William, Jacob, Benjamin, John Jr., Isaiah, and another Benjamin. Francis Isiah, II Alligood
34 He is shown in the 1790 Census of Beaufort Co., New Bern district. His household contained 3 males, one over 16 years and two under 16 years old; five females and one slave. Jacob Alligood
35 Patent Grant: June 11, 1789, to Jacob Alligood from State of North Carolina...100 acres of land west side of Great Fork
Swamp(Beaver Dam Swamp). The tract started at a certain pine in the Great Fork running with Swamp to Fancis Alligood's line, thence to an Oak in Halls Branch; then with said Branch to a point in Great Fork Swamp and to first station. 
Jacob Alligood
36 The Mill Road: now called "Lizard Slip", SR1522, almost cut through the center of the tract. In the 1970's Bob Wallace and his wife, Annie and their family lived near the original home site on this Tract. Jacob Alligood
37 He is listed on "Beauford County north Carolina Roster of Soldiers of the War of 1812", published by North Carolina Division of Archieves and History, Raleigh, NC. Jacob, II Alligood
38 He met his wife, Elizabeth Latham, either at the Tranters Creek Baptist Church or the Baptist Church in Washington, North Carolina. She was from Tranters Creek area of Beaufort County. On October 5, 1822, a part of the Baptist Church of Tranters Creek organized a unit in Washinton, North Carolina. Jacob was one of the 51 charter members. There were two Lathams, Sarah and A. Latham, possibly Elizabeth's parents. Jacob, II Alligood
39 Jacob owned land and built his home east of his brother Absalom. His land was part of land patent dated in 1798. In later years the Lizard Slip Road was run through this parcel of land, running north and south. It is believed Jacob's home site was the same as used by Ameriah Biggs Alligood and other successive owners. these old domiciles faced an old road that ran from southeast to northeast. In the 1970's, Rob and Annie Turner Wallace lived on the old Jacob land but their house face Lizard Slip Road. There is an old cemetery on the southwest side of the farm towards Halls Branch Swamp; it is where the Jacob II family is buried. Jacob, II Alligood
40 Occupation: Farmer Jacob, II Alligood
41 Religion: October 05, 1822, was one of the 51 charter members of the Baptist Church of Washington, NC. Jacob, II Alligood
42 It is thought that he possibly migrated to Jones County, North Carolina and married Dorcas ??? Subsequently raised a family to teenage before he died, leaving a widow and seven children. It appears that this same Dorcas Alligood moved to Georgia where she became Hillery I second wife. She appears in the Census of Georgia in 1850. The names of his children and descendents are unknown at this time. James Alligood
43 James is believed to be one of the sons of Elisha Alligood. He was a co-witness along with his brother, John, when Elisha gave Jacob 100 acrea of land in June, 1765. It is the only time that is now known where he was involved in the Elisha family group. James Alligood
44 He apparently married early. He purchased land from John McKeel in March 1757, and sold land to WilliamMartin in March 1757. He witnessed Richard's II will along with George Jenkins. He was a witness to the gift of 100 acres from Elisha to Jacob Alligood in June 1765 and to gift of 100 acrres to Francis Alligood in March 1766. John Alligood
45 He married a woman from the Cutler family, but her parents are unknown at this time. In the 1790 Census there were two Cutler households listed in Beaufort Co., NC. One had head of household, Robert Cutler and he had four daughters and the other was Moses Cutler and he also had four daughters. It is likely that Polly was from one of those households. John Alligood
46 He or his cousin (son of Francis) was a constable for the Beaver Dam District of Beaufort Co. for a period of time. His father gave him 100 acres as gift "with love and affection and five pounds". The property was located west of the Poyner's Beaver Dam and along Little Fork Swamp. At one time he owned land between what is now Lizard Slip Rd. and the west fort of Upper Broad Creek. It was obtained by Frederick Grice Alligood after the Civil War, 1866-1868. John Alligood
47 He owned land on west side of Beaver Dam Swamp at the farthest bend westward and about one and half miles from Pamlico River. His descendants populated much of the Magnolia Crossroads arrea. John Alligood
48 In "Beaufort Co., NC, Will Abstracts 1720-1868" page 54, John was a witness on the will of Lawson Brock dated March 31, 1825. Original recorded on "Will Book A, page 427". John Alligood
49 In 1791 he sold land to Jessie Little, 100 acres for 80 pounds. John Alligood
50 In 1796 he gave four Negro slaves to "two daughters". Frances Little and Leisha Little. It is not know whether they were daughters, stepdaughters, or grandchildren. Also the same year he witnessed the sale of land by Francis Alligood to his son, Benjamin. John Alligood

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