Emil A. Santschi farm circa 1940

Hey y'all

I decided to create a web site for my family and found this marvelous product. Now I find that it has taken on a life of it's own and I don't know if I can control it until all of the people in the world are included, But anyway look through it and if you can add anything please contact me Paul

Primary Surnames

feature 1 Klerlein
My Fathers Side of the family.

My Family Photos

Many thanks to my cousin Joan (Klerlein) High for all of the research she has done on the Klerlein and Byrnes side of the family. You can visit her site and see more information on these families as well as others at www.crystallady.com

feature 2 Santschi
My Mothers side of the family.

feature 3 Simon
My wifes fathers side of the family.

feature 4 Dalton
My wifes mothers side of the family.

Many thanks to Louis Dalton, my wifes cousin for his years of hard work in researching the Dalton side of the family.

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